'Justice for Salwa' - Building peace and justice in Libya

Five years after the initial uprisings of the Libyan people, during which they toppled their former dictator Muammar Qadafi, Libya has fallen into a state of chaos, violence and deep divisions. With two governments claiming central power and a myriad of militias dominating different areas of the country, the political process seems deadlocked. The increase of power by extremist groups like IS, the influx of foreign fighters and intensified international military interventions make the situation even more complex. How can Libyans find a way out of this chaos? What is the role and responsibility of the international community, which has so far failed in its attempts to bring Libya forward? And what is the role and position of local activists, people who work to solve the conflict and build peace on different levels of society?

On Wednesday March 23Women on the Frontline and Movies that Matter will organise an event focusing on Libya and the many challenges the country is currently facing. We will start with a screening of the short film Justice for Salwa (30 mins), about the late well-known Libyan rights activist Salwa Bugaighis, who was brutally murdered in her house in Benghazi in the summer of 2014. After the film, a panel discussion will take place with Zahraa Langhi, prominent Libyan women's rights activist, friend and colleague of Salwa, and co-founder of the Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace, Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, Member of the Dutch Parliament (D66) and Gerbert van der Aa, historian and journalist specialized in North and Western Africa. The panel members will discuss the current situation in Libya and try to find answers to the difficult questions posed above. The discussion will be led by Mirthe Frese, programme developer at De Balie.

Afterwards, we invite you to continue the discussion informally over drinks and snacks.

Date: Wednesday March 23

Time: 17:00 - 18:45 uur

Location: Filmhuis Den Haag, zaal 5, Spui 191, 2511 BN Den Haag

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