Women on the Frontline

In 2011, people all over the Arab World took to the streets to demand their rights. Women played a crucial role in these protests. In this context, Women on the Frontline started. It strengthens women to become influential players in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Libya.

Unfortunately, in many cases the hopes and expectations of 2011 did not come true. Today, many countries are facing conflict, extremism, repression and polarisation. Despite this, many women still work hard every day to build an inclusive society based on peace, equality and human rights.

Women on the Frontline supports these women to be active leaders and build peace. It strengthens their capacities through tailor made trainings. It helps them to build partnerships. It provides grants to realize political and social change. And it enables these women to be heard in the region and by the international community. Their message is loud and clear: lasting peace and democratic change is not possible without women.

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"There can be no development without peace and security. There can be no peace without equal opportunities for local communities. And there can be no local communities if there are no women on the frontlines."

Zahraa Langhi, LWPP (Libya), April 2016